“We are losing long-time organic farms because of inadequate research into organic production systems–largely due to lack of funding. My farming mentor, who had organically farmed for over 20 years, struggled so much with managing field bindweed, he regressed to non-organic methods. It’s heartbreaking.” 

Doug Crabtree, Vilicus Farms, Havre, MT

The Organic Trade Association (OTA), in collaboration with a diverse committee of industry volunteers,  has been constantly engaged in direct outreach to organic certificate holders across the United States. Several rounds of informative brochures, postcards and phone calls with information on the evolving framework for an organic research and promotion order have been delivered to stakeholders. Additionally, meetings with interested farm groups, NGO’s, non-profits, and advocacy organizations were held to discuss the process and framework.

Based on feedback from certified operators, producer organizations, and other interested stakeholders, the proposal has been revised, adjusted, and fine-tuned many times. After more than three years of extensive input, a consolidated vision for an Organic Check-off program to fund organic research and promotion was developed and submitted to USDA. An Deltasone no prescription of the proposal is available for download along with a copy of the buy Deltasone online without prescription and order Deltasone. Please contact OTA (order Deltasone online or 802.275.3800) with questions, or if you are interested in speaking with a member of the GRO Organic Core Committee.

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